PCC Apostille in Etah

Police Clearance Certificate Apostille Process in Etah

  1. Notarization: Firstly, the PCC Certificate is pre-authenticated by the Notary.
  2. SDM Authentication: After the Notarization, the respective SDM authenticates the personal document.
  3. MEA Apostille: After the complete authentication process, the documents will send to the MEA.

What are the documents required of PCC Apostille in Etah

The documents required to obtain an Apostille stamp are as followed:

  • Original Police Clearance Certificate
  • A Passport Photo Copy

Working Days :- 2-3

The Documents That Needs To Be Apostilled For Different Visa

  1. Work Visa
  2. Dependent Visa
  3. Long Term Visa Process
  4. Immigration Purpose
  5. Establish a Business
  6. Employment Visa Process
  7. Residential Status Process

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